Building a house and related formalities – step by step

When deciding to build a house you have to meet a number of requirements, we will introduce you to key issues (according to Polish regulations):

Construction notification

The Construction Law Act was amended in 2015 based on a permit to simplify the form of work in the construction process. The applications apply to single-story buildings with an area not exceeding 35 m2 It is worth mentioning that on a plot of 500 m2, only one such object can be placed (Article 29 (1) (2)).

Building permit

The Act of July 7, 1994 Construction Law, Art. 3 point 12 defines what a building permit is. It is an „administrative decision authorizing the commencement and conduct of construction or the performance of construction works other than construction of a building object”. The application should be submitted to the poviat office at the office indicated for the location. The statutory waiting time for a decision of the state administration is 65 days. The time may be extended in the case of incomplete documentation.

House without a building permit – where can you build one?

Building a house with an area of up to 35 m2 is possible on a plot suitable for this purpose. The local spatial development plan should be checked in the commune or city office. It is recommended to check the requirements for the building site regarding the constructed buildings. After thorough verification of the plot development plan, notification on the construction can be issued. If the office does not have a plot development plan, it may be necessary to obtain a planning permission.

Construction requirements and a building permit - requirements
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

House with surface area of at most 35 m2 does not require a building permit. Only the construction notification is required. It can be submitted to the local starosty or the city office with poviat rights. The application form should be available at the office or on their website. We provide full documentation to complete the formalities at the office appropriate for the location of the property. 


The construction application must be submitted prior to the commencement of construction works. After 21 days from the date of submitting the notification, if the starost (or the president of a city with poviat rights) does not raise an objection, you can start construction works.


According to art. 29.1.2a  Construction Law on each 500 m2 of plot surface area, an individual recreational building with surface not exceeding 35 m2 can be built.

According to § 12 ust. 1 Regulation Of The Minister Of Infrastructure Of 12 April 2002 On Technical Conditions, Which Should Correspond To The Buildings And Their Location, house can be placed on the building plot with a minimum distance of:

  • 4 meters in the case of a building facing a wall with windows or doors towards that boundary
  • 3 meters in the case of a building facing a wall without windows and doors towards that boundary

Zoning plan specifies what conditions the building should meet, including: building height, type of roof covering and pitch. This information will allow you to adapt the project to the requirements in a given area. The local plan should be available on the website of the city or commune office, voivodeship journals or public information systems of a given commune. You can also submit an application to the office and receive an extract from the local development plan for the indicated plot.

The building is set directly on the foundation slab, via foundation anchors. We provide the foundation design and you take care of the construction. Before starting the building process, we recomment to verify the ground conditions of your site.


Time necessary to build the house should not exceed one week.

Time of completing the construction, is 5-6 weeks from signing the contract.  At first, the foundation plate is prepared. Estimated time of finishing the foundation plate is one week. Then, It has to set for a few days. However, there is a technological break required, that takes around 2-3 weeks. After that the concrete reaches its full durability and the house construction process can start. It should not exceed one week. 

The house has insulated walls and roof from PIR sandwich panels, 120 or 160 mm thick. The house is adapted to various weather conditions, thus you can enjoy it all year round.

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