Modular house

Modular house that does not require building permit (concerns construction in Poland).
Perfect solution for quick development of a recreational plot or commercial facilities.
Durable building construction

The main construction consists of steel frames, which ensure long - lasting safety and durability.

Fast building process

Thanks to prefabrication, investment process is up to 80% shorter in comparison to traditional construction methods.

Future expansion

Possibility of fast future expansion thanks to modular construction.

Energetic Efficiency

Usage of insulation materials with low thermal conductivity facilitates low heating costs.

House tailored to your needs

Standard version

closed shell (insulated walls, glazed gable wall - PVC, door, ventilation grille, mezzanine and ground floor prepared for installation of floor panels)

gutter system

openings for electrical and plumbing installations (preparation of the installations not included)

Silver version

internal installations prepared for connecting accessories: electrical installation (installation of switches and sockets); connection of plumbing to the kitchen and bathroom

additional 3 windows at the rear gable wall

ladder stairs

mezzanine railing

finishing floors with vinyl floor panels

Additional options*

furnishings with household appliances


bathroom equipment

5 x 3,5 m long terrance

Price and standard individually customized for each client. 

Possibility of an individual turnkey design based on arrangements with the client.

All visualizations are for illustration purposes only.

Prices without VAT. Personal tax: + 8% VAT, business tax: + 23% VAT (according to Polish regulations). The price is for the variant „mm35 for 2”. 

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